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Information about Shams Company
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Most investors search for general information about Shams Company before taking the step of trading in it. The following is the most important information that will benefit any investor who trades his money in Shams Company: -
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Shmi Company is the largest tourism company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company's marketing value reached 340 million riyals during the last year, so it is one of the companies with huge values ​​in the financial markets.
The company was established on June 31, 1991.
The company specializes in managing many resorts, facilities and hotels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company supervises resorts and hotels, the most important of which is the Palm Beach tourist resort on the coast of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The company is responsible for supervising a large number of marinas, cabanas, and many sports clubs.
Shmi6 Company includes many resorts and conference halls and manages many swimming pools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Shams Company is one of the largest shareholding companies in Saudi Arabia, with a great position and a huge market share in the Kingdom’s economy.

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